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At Ukrainian reality junctures the stock company «Kohinor-Finance» provides to clients the following services:

  -analysis of market perspectives for Ukrainian corporate registered stock,
  -implementation of blocks purchasing at client option,
  - gathering, processing and rendering of information on market segments, industries, enterprises in course of client's needs,
  -clients consulting on stock circulation in Ukraine,
  -selection of both partners and contractors (subcontractors) for investment projects,
  -consulting on corporate, investment, taxation and economy legislation,
  -investment projects development,

  -market environment shaping for instructed stock, equities rates formation, as an investment project tool,

  -representation of client's interests at auctions,carried out by state authorities in exchange for any kind of privatization securities and cash,
  -calculations for optimization of investment projects costs,
  -legalization of stock two-way-business,

  -development of schemes to avoid excessive tax pressure as well as overpaying of both taxes and other state authorized payments,
    -clients' interest protection at stockholders meetings, in course of relations with issuers of securities, at courts and other state institutions,

  -optimization of equity funds as well as risks for both corporate and private investors,
  -juristic check-up of papers legitimacy,
  -brokering and dealer business with securities.

«Kohinor-Finance» - this is all kind of services on stock market.
Nevertheless, stock company «Kohinor-Finance» notifies - conditions for implementation of profitable investments do not exist in Ukraine at present.

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